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SeaBoats has been established to market and sell a wide range of boats, recreational and commercial, new and used, to a broad global audience.

Our dedicated international teams of sales professionals are strategically located around the world and utilize modern communication strategies and a vast network of industry associates.

If you are buying or selling, let the SeaBoats team work for you.

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NEW BUILD - Kingfisher 600 6' South Africa
NEW BUILD - 4m RIB 4m €2,500Ukraine
NEW BUILD - Ally-gator 480 Standard 4.8m South Africa
NEW BUILD - Ally-gator 480 LE 4.8m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 4.5m RIB 4.50m €3,200Ukraine
NEW BUILD - Kingfisher 550 5.5m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 18ft Landing Craft 18' Canada
NEW BUILD - Multipurpose Pontoons 6m €15,200Spain
NEW BUILD - Renegade 21 6.4m Canada
NEW BUILD - 7.1m Aft Console Workboat 7.1m $26,280South Africa
NEW BUILD - 23ft Landing Craft 23' Canada
NEW BUILD - 7.5m Tourism Boat 7.5m $23,039South Africa
NEW BUILD - 7.5m Centre Console Workboat 7.5m $32,200South Africa
NEW BUILD - KFX 750 7.5m $32,200South Africa
NEW BUILD - 7.9m Landing Craft 7.9m $52,000Cambodia
NEW BUILD - LC23 - 25ft Landing Craft 7.62m Canada
NEW BUILD - Landing Craft 840 8.4m South Africa
8.9m Small Barge 8.9m New Zealand
NEW BUILD - Two Small Barges in stock 8.9m New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 9m LCT 9m $44,500Indonesia
NEW BUILD - 9.6m Landing Craft 9.6m $157,600South Africa
NEW BUILD - 10m Sport Fisher Power Cat 9.9m Russia
Spencer 30, a great first boat 1975 9.10m New Zealand
1000 dwt Oil Tanker 2013 9.20m $656,500China
9.5m Cougar Cat built in 1988 1988 9.50m $125,000Netherlands
NEW BUILD - 9.75m Tug Boat 9.75m €73,500Ukraine
32ft Pusher Tug 1988 32' $225,000USA
NEW BUILD -10m Tourist Catamaran 9.99m €77,000Italy
NEW BUILD - 10.5m Ambulance Boat 10.5m Turkey
NEW BUILD - 10.6m Fast Patrol Boat 10.6m China
NEW BUILD - 10.6m Pilot Boat 10.6m China
NEW BUILD - Centurion 36 Landing Craft 10.97m Singapore
NEW BUILD - 10.99m Fishing Vessel 10.99m Ukraine
NEW BUILD - 11m Passenger Tourism RIB 11m €35,000Ukraine
NEW BUILD - Centurion 36 Passenger Boat 11m Singapore
NEW BUILD - MODCAT 1200 DD Platforms 11.8m $125,650South Africa
NEW BUILD - MODCAT 1200 SD Workboat and transport Solutions 11.8m $125,650South Africa
NEW BUILD - 100% Electric Passenger Catamaran 2019 11.50m €310,000Germany
50 Pax Catamaran 2017 12m $295,000Cambodia
12m Enclosed Flybridge Powercat 2003 12m $449,000New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 12m Barge 12m New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 12m Open Coastal Ferry 12.4m Indonesia
Vintage (Nautor 43 Type) Fiberglass Sailboat 1979 12.95m USA
NEW BUILD - 13m Aluminium LCT 13m $75,000Indonesia
NEW BUILD - 13.8m Pilot Boat 13.8m China
NEW BUILD - 13.8m Fast SAR Boat 13.8m China
Beneteau First 456 1987 13.92m $69,000Malaysia
NEW BUILD - 14m Sports Fishing Boat 14m China
14m Pilot Boat 1999 14m €245,000France
1972 Hatteras 46 Convertible 1972 14.3m $45,000USA
NEW BUILD - 15m Patrol Boat 14.6m Turkey
NEW BUILD - 14.8m Open Coastal Ferry 14.8m Indonesia
NEW BUILD - 14.8m Open Coastal Ferry 14.8m Mexico
As New 2020 Greenline 45ft Flybridge Motoryacht 2020 14.9m Hong Kong
47ft Twin Screw Tug 1960 14.33m $395,000USA
Most luxurious SWAN 46 MK II in mint condition for sale! 1991 14.36m $230,000Malaysia
NEW 2019 Service Boat For Sale 2019 14.95m Turkey
14.95m Fire Rescue Boat For sale - New Vessel 2018 14.95m €1,580,000Turkey
NEW BUILD - 15m Multipurpose Vessel 15m $320,000Mexico
Cougar Cat 15m Flybridge 1C Survey Charter Vessel 1994 15m $160,000Australia
NEW BUILD - 15m Coastal Research Vessel 15.6m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 15.6m Passenger Ferry 15.6m $545,000South Africa
50ft Carbon Cruiser / Racer Catamaran 2005 15.24m $649,000New Zealand
Super-High Speed V 5000 Interceptor 1992 16.46m €100,000Italy
Beneteau Swift 52 Motoryacht 2011 17m Turkey
NEW 17m Crew & Pilot Boat For Sale 2019 17m Turkey
NEW BUILD - 17m Aluminium Ferry 17.7m Indonesia
17.50m Catamaran Workboat. 17.50m Ukraine
18m Day-Charter Catamaran 2017 18m €800,000Spain
NEW BUILD - 19m Passenger Ferry 19m Mexico
NEW BUILD - 19.5m Fast Pilot Boat 19.5m China
NEW BUILD - 19.5m Offshore Dive Support Catamaran 19.5m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 20m Fishing Vessel 19.9m Ukraine
19.95m Passenger Catamaran 1987 19.95m €850,000Norway
NEW BUILD - 20m 150 Pax Catamaran Ferry 20m India
Hatteras 68 Convertible Sport Fish Motor Yacht 2006 20.89m $1,950,000Australia
21.5m Windfarm Support, Crew Transfer - Survey / Dive Support Vessel 2013 21.5m UK
21.76m 1280HP Tug 2005 21.76m $320,000Brunei Darussalam
22m Luxury Wooden Yacht 2018 22m $1,630,000UAE
NEW BUILD - 22m Fast Catamaran Kit-Set at Greatly Discounted Price 22m Australia
22m GRP Crew Boat 2015 22m SGD 130,000Singapore
23.1m Survey, Research, Guard, Cargo, Dive or similar vessel 1970 23.1m £120,000UK
NEW - 2019 Crew & Supply Vessel For Sale 2019 23.9m Turkey
23m Rescue Boat 1985 23.30m €200,000Côte d'Ivoire
2 units of Tug 23.65m 1000 HP 2009 2009 23.65m Indonesia
23.78m Fishing Vessel 1980 23.78m New Zealand
24m Benetti Super Gabbiano. A bargain needing a little TLC. 23.90m €195,000Italy
NEW BUILD - Centurion 82 Landing Craft 24.20m Singapore
85ft Triple Screw Crew Boat 1973 25m $685,000USA
25.4m Hovercraft 1989 25.4m UK
25m Hovercraft - Freedom 90 1990 25.4m UK
25.58m Well Maintained Tug 1996 25.58m $325,000Indonesia
Two sister 26m Damen ASD Tugs 1999 25.93m Bolivia
NEW BUILD - Twin Screw Tug 26.01m $850,000Viet Nam
2 X 26.8m Fast Patrol Boats 1996 26.8m Italy
27m Fishing Trawler 1998 27m Iceland
28m 1500bhp Shallow Draft Workboat (OVID Compliant) 2012 28m Australia
28m 2060HP TUG Newbuilt 2020 2020 28m $999,000Indonesia
Freezing Stern Trawler 2002 28m €1,350,000Spain
NEW BUILD - 28m Fishing Vessel 28m Portugal
NEW BUILD - 28.5m Semi-Submarine / Dinner Cruise/ Restaurant / Ship 28.5m Turkey
29m Aluminium Fishing Vessel 1987 29m New Zealand
29.3m Hovercraft 2007 29.3m UK
29m Voith Schneider Harbour Tug 1975 29.15m New Zealand
29m Twin Screw Tug 2011 29.17m $545,000Indonesia
Twin Screw Tug - 2000 HP Cat engines 2011 29.17m $660,000Indonesia
29.64m Twin Screw Tug 2010 29.64m $675,000China
98ft Crew Boat 1980 98' $565,000USA
30m Steel Passenger Charter Catamaran 2017 30m $1,200,000Thailand
1300HP Hai Yuan Tug 2009 30m $525,200China
Kocks Goliath Crane 30m €2,500,000Italy
30.35m Motoryacht 2007 30.35m €2,000,000France
Superyacht Excellent Condition - 30m Motoryacht 2007 30.45m $2,600,000Philippines
30.50m Self Elevating Platform 30.50m France
4000bhp Harbour Tug 2002 31m ¥240,000,000Japan
NEW BUILD - 31m Landing Craft Tank 31m $560,000Indonesia
31.40m 2400 BHP Tug 2003 2003 31.40m $390,000Indonesia
31.5m LCT 2017 31.50m Indonesia
Spacious 5 Cabin 33m Power Catamaran 1998 33m Hong Kong
Luxury Dive Charter Vessel and Business in the Maldives with support b 2006 34m $1,700,000Maldives
Outstanding 34.5m Tri-deck Superyacht 2017 34.5m $7,500,000France
35.85m Passenger / Vehicle Ferry 2019 35.85m Paraguay
Newly Built 4000HP Tugboat 2020 36.10m $1,969,500China
37m Floating Crane for Sale or Charter 2015 37m Greece
37.5m Landing Craft 2019 37.5m $342,000Indonesia
New 37.5m Landing Craft 2019 37.5m Indonesia
38m Motor Yacht - Renewed Safari Steel 2006 38m Egypt
NEW BUILD - 39m Landing Craft 38.22m Malaysia
38.66m Landing Craft 2018 BKI 2018 38.66m Indonesia
39.25m Newbuilding LCT - Built to Order 2019 39.25m Indonesia
326 pax, Catamaran Type Passenger Ferry 2004 39.98m $3,500,000South Korea
NEW BUILD - 40m Fast Crew Boat 40.4m Singapore
42m Trideck Superyacht 2007 42m $1,700,000Egypt
42.9m Motor Yacht 2015 42.9m $9,750,000UAE
43m DSV available for Charter 1979 43.9m Australia
400 KL Double SPOB 2016 2016 44.27m $1,150,000Indonesia
147ft FSV 2008 147' USA
45m Cargo Passangers Landing craft - NEW BUILD 45m $1,650,000Indonesia
45.5m Landing Craft 2010 45.5m $600,000Australia
150ft DP-1 Supply Vessel 2001 45.72m $2,000,000USA
150ft Fast Support Vessel 1998 150' 3" USA
NEW BUILD - 48m Landing Craft with 600 tons Cargo 2020 48m Indonesia
160ft Fast Supply Vessel 2005 48.77m USA
48.77m Landing Craft 1997 48.77m $500,000Indonesia
50m Aluminium Crewboat / HSC Compliant 2014 50m Indonesia
53m Landing Craft 2008 53m $1,000,000Indonesia
249 Pax, 39 Car RoRo Passenger Ship 2010 53.06m $3,000,000South Korea
357 Pax, 48 Car RoRo Passenger Ship 2016 54.43m $4,200,000South Korea
54m Landing Craft 2010 54.46m $900,000Australia
55m Barge with Bow Ramp 1992 54.86m $250,000Malaysia
56m Grab Dredger 1984 56m Japan
56.42m Landing Craft 2006 56.42m $1,000,000Indonesia
245 Pax, 34 Car RoRo Passenger Ship 2004 56.66m $1,200,000South Korea
57.01m Cargo Vessel 1996 57.1m Japan
57.91m Offshore Supply Vessel 1999 57.91m USA
58.8m Utility Vessel - Never Been Used! 2006 58.8m $820,000China
59.25m Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel 2005 59.25m USA
208 pax Catamaran Fast Car-Ferry 2008 64.8m Oman
65m Landing Craft, built 2009 2009 65m Indonesia
220ft barge "224" 2008 220' $440,000Indonesia
200ft barge "225" 2009 220' $500,000Indonesia
300ft Jack-up Drilling Unit 1982 67.6m $7,000,000Malaysia
75 TEU Barge 2014 67.40m $1,280,000China
67.65m Double Hull Tanker 1999 67.65m $1,350,000Turkey
225ft AHTSV 1997 69m USA
500 pax, 70 Car RoRo Passenger 2009 69m $3,700,000South Korea
240ft Offshore Supply Vessel, built 1999 1999 73.15m USA
240ft Offshore Supply Vessel, built 1999 1999 73.15m USA
Drilling LeTourneau Class 116-C (1980) 1984 75m $5,500,000UAE
87m Car & Passenger Ferry 2017 87m South Korea
Drilling MLT-116C 300ft (2004) 1982 91.44m $4,000,000South Africa
84.99m Cargo Ship 1985 91.90m Egypt
Two x 250 TEU Container Ship 2010 96m $1,550,000China
3500cbm Cutter Suction Dredger 2011 97m PHP 3,500,000China
NEW BUILD - 97.83m 4788dwt Landing Craft 97.83m China
99.96m Tanker 2013 99.96m China
100.6m General Cargo Container Ship 1998 100.62m $1,600,000Egypt
100m Geared Cargo/Container Vessel 1997 100.62m Egypt
5670DWT Multipurpose Vessel 108.20m China
360ft Ice Class A3 Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel 2012 109.9m USA
114.7m Container Vessel 1994 114.7m Turkey
8400 Dwt Oil Tanker For Sale 2004 123.90m $2,201,800China
13000 Ship Tanker 134.80m $8,400,000China
13000T Deck Ship 2016 139.50m $10,000,000China
161m, 1128 Pax Passenger Ferry 2006 161.2m China
182.5m Double Hull Oil Tanker 1998 182.50m Croatia
208.5m High Capacity Floating Docks 1978 208.5m China
285m, 35,000 ton, High Capacity Floating Dock 2010 285m China

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